With a history going back thousands of years, Emeralds have remained among the topmost desired gems throughout the ages. No other gem comes close in color to the vibrant range of greens found in Emeralds from all the majors sources; Colombia, Zambia, and Brazil. Emeralds have also been found and in smaller pockets in Russia, Pakistan, Ethiopia and other locales. In general, the color range in Emeralds varies based on the region, but fine vivid greens are hard to find regardless of source. Besides color, clarity is very much a determining factor of price and availability, since pretty much all Emerald have some level of inner-inclusions, known as “gardens”. Finding stones that have the right balance of color, clarity and life at each price point is a continuous challenge when we are buying.

Presently, we have handpicked a great selection of stones in very sellable sizes, which truly offer a quality perfect for presenting to your customers who want a special stone to design their own piece with. Remember as you search through our inventory that Emeralds are one of the hardest stones to photograph, and they always look much better in person.

Featured Stone: Emerald

Cushion Colombian Emerald - 8.30 x 7.99 x 5.62 mm - 2.27ct - 'O' - CDTEC cert.

A vivid medium rich green, with excellent clarity, cut and life, this Colombian looker is a gorgeous gem. A hard to find shape, with high color, very bright and lively. 


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